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SpeechBliss Therapy offers both virtual (teletherapy) and in-person services tailored to your needs.

Virtual (Teletherapy) Services

Services are provided over the internet through GoogleMeet. Virtual therapy services have unique pros including:


  • Cost savings: You won't have to drive anywhere, spend money on gas and time in the car, traveling back-and-forth. And, you probably won't be late. 

  • Fewer cancelations: Minor illnesses, inclement weather, and public health events can't get in the way of therapy.

  • Learning opportunities: Your family can view and learn from sessions, which is great, especially if there's something they can be doing to help.

  • Flexibility: Virtual sessions allow for more scheduling flexibility, and can be held anywhere, even in the car!


How Do Virtual Sessions Work?

Everything you'll need:

  1. A computer, tablet, or phone

  2. The internet

How it works:

  1. An invite will be sent to your email. 

  2. On the day of the session, you click on the link in your email; it automatically opens a browser window, and you click to join.

GoogleMeet does work best with Chrome as your browser but it's not required. 

Teletherapy, or virtual services, can be a great option for many families. This article was written by an SLP who reviewed some of the research. CLICK HERE.

In-Person Services

Services are provided face-to-face in homes, day cares, schools, parks and wherever best fits your child and family's needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment. In-person services have unique pros including:


  • More therapeutic options: Some children respond better to certain types of cues and prompts in therapy, such as tactile cues. These cues can be difficult to provide in virtual therapy. 

  • A clearer view: The SLP and child may need a very clear view of each others’ mouths in order to perform certain tasks such as moving the tongue for speech sounds or feeding. In-person therapy often gives better angles and clarity in viewing these movements.

  • No lag: The SLP will be 100% live with no lag or buffering. You won’t have to worry about internet connections. 

  • Learning opportunities: Your family can sit in on, participate in, and learn from sessions, which is great, especially if there's something they can be doing to help.

  • Convenience: The therapy happens in your home or preferred location, on your schedule.

How Do In-Person Sessions Work?

Everything you'll need:

  1. A designated, agreed-upon location and time for the therapist to meet you.

  2. Any materials the therapist has suggested prior to the session. For example, the SLP may request that certain foods or utensils be available during a feeding session with a child. 

How it works:

  1. An appointment will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. 

  2. Your therapist will arrive at the agreed upon location to provide services. 

Proudly Serving

  • Holloman AFB and Alamogordo, NM with virtual and in-person services

  • New Mexico and Nevada with virtual services

  • Coming soon - Malmstrom AFB and Montana

Phone: 575-404-9152

Fax: 877-311-5440


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