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SpeechBliss Therapy, LLC provides skilled speech, language, and feeding therapy services. Below you can learn more about specific services offered.


Screenings are used to determine if an evaluation is necessary, not as a diagnostic measure. A screening may consist of a brief parent/client interview, informal observations in person or via video clips, and a verbal review of results. Some families may wish to skip the screening process and begin a speech-language evaluation if their child already has a diagnosis or if their child currently receives speech-language services. Screenings are typically conducted over the phone with our speech-language pathologist. 


Comprehensive speech, language, and feeding evaluations are an integral part of developing a plan that is best for your child. The evaluation process begins with the parent/caregiver completing an intake form that will be reviewed by the Speech-Language Pathologist prior to the evaluation. On the day of the evaluation, formal assessments as well as informal observations will be utilized in addition to the clinical judgment of the Speech-Language Pathologist to provide a thorough evaluation of your child’s speech, language, and/or feeding skills. You will receive a complete written evaluation report, complete with formal assessment results, informal observations, background information, and recommendations. An evaluation is necessary at least one time per year for most insurance plans.

One-on-One Therapy

Based on the results of the evaluation, the Speech-Language Pathologist will work with you to develop a customized therapy program to address areas of concern.  Therapy is always based on current research and driven by the needs and interests of our patients. The length of therapy sessions will vary depending on your child’s needs. At the end of each session, the Speech-Language Pathologist will write a daily note, recap the session with the child’s parent or caregiver and discuss home practice activities that should be worked on at home until the next therapy session.

Proudly Serving

  • Holloman AFB and Alamogordo, NM with virtual and in-person services

  • New Mexico and Nevada with virtual services

  • Coming soon - Malmstrom AFB and Montana

Phone: 575-404-9152

Fax: 877-311-5440


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