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Colette has a way with kids, she is able to make what seem like miracles happen. My oldest went from making herself sick when trying new foods to being open to all. Her speech went from 0-100 in such a short amount of time. I will forever be so grateful to have met her and have her in my children’s lives.

- Samantha

Colette is BEYOND amazing! Covid hit my son hard when he was pulled out of an actual Kindergarten classroom and into a virtual one. Over the next year and a half, he remained virtual for his core classroom, but also for his speech therapy. By the time he started 2nd grade this year, he had little to no improvement in his speech. He had a lisp and “S” and “Z” were very difficult sounds for him. I was concerned at first but once he started with Colette, the improvement was almost immediate! After only a short time with her, roughly 4 months, she was able to correct the lisp and he proudly graduated speech therapy. My son loved class with her and she is such a kind and caring person. I couldn’t have asked for a better speech therapist for my child!

- Courtney

Our son Nico, 5 years of age, had always struggled with certain letter sounds and pronunciations. At the start of Kindergarten, we were offered the opportunity to have speech therapy for him through his school. Mrs. Dominguez started working with him right away. Within only a few sessions, we began to notice him pronouncing the words and letter sounds correctly! He gained so much confidence! Mrs. Dominguez was such a kind and patient teacher with him. He absolutely loved her! Her methods were so effective, that he ended up graduating early from speech therapy! We are forever grateful for Mrs. Dominguez!

- Steve and Melissa

Mrs. Dominguez worked with two of my kiddos ages 5 and 6 years old. She was kind and professional with every encounter. The progress in their speech was so noticeable and incredible. She communicated with me often and sent home information about what each lesson taught or reviewed, and even included small suggestions on how I can help them continue working at home. My kids looked forward to their time with Mrs. Dominguez and even told me speech days "were the best days ever!"

- Lauren

My boys are fairly delayed in their speech. They have been evaluated by more than one speech therapist and we have been told they are about 6 months behind, which is a qtr of their lives. Now since they turned two we decided it’s time for less crying and more understanding. It’s not just to help us as parents but for them as well. We began working with SpeechBliss Therapy, LLC and we are amazed with how much just 2 weeks has done for our kids. She’s incredible at her job and my kids love her too! I’d recommend her to anyone! My kids have been talking so much more in just two weeks. She gives us tips and routine advice to help them develop more of a vocab….and it’s working!

- Katherine

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