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Proudly Serving

  • Holloman AFB and Alamogordo, NM with virtual and in-person services

  • New Mexico and Nevada with virtual services

  • Coming soon - Malmstrom AFB and Montana

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SpeechBliss Therapy, LLC is a speech therapy private practice proudly providing skilled speech, language, and feeding therapy. Speech, language, and feeding are skills we use every day in our homes and communities. Through therapy we inspire and empower communication, curiosity, and connection throughout the lifespan.  Sessions are tailored to fit the needs of your child by building upon their strengths to support areas of challenge. Through skilled therapy your child can make strides in their speech, language, and feeding skills. We are treating in-person in homes, day cares, schools, parks and virtually wherever best fits your child and family's needs.

"Mrs. Dominguez is exceptional at what she does. Truly exceptional. Her compassion and professionalism made this therapy journey such a positive experience for our whole family. We have seen incredible results in our son! I can't thank her enough for fostering a growth mindset in every session and treating him with dignity the way she did.”

- MaryBeth, a patient's mother

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Speech, Language, and Feeding Therapy

Evaluation and therapy services are provided for speech, language, and feeding disorders. Click below to learn more about the services we offer at SpeechBliss Therapy.

About Our
Speech-Language Pathologist

At SpeechBliss Therapy, we take pride in providing the best care for your child and are committed to developing positive relationships with the families we serve. We are excited for you to meet our Speech-Language Pathologist!

Virtual and In-Person Services

Our service delivery models are tailored to your individual needs. We offer the convenience of both virtual and in-person services.

How do I know if my child needs speech, language, or feeding therapy?

Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation Today!

Parents often have a gut feeling that their child needs help and want to be certain before making any commitments. Our speech-language pathologist can help you get that certainty.


Reserve our speech-language pathologist for a 10-15 minute phone consultation or screening if you're ready for:

  • Certainty before making any big commitments

  • An expert opinion on your child's speech, language, or feeding skills

  • Answers at a time that works for you


We look forward to speaking with you!


Phone calls will be made from 575-404-9152 and may appear on your caller ID as 'SPEECHBLISS.'

Proudly Serving

  • Holloman AFB and Alamogordo, NM with virtual and in-person services

  • New Mexico and Nevada with virtual services

  • Coming soon - Malmstrom AFB and Montana

Phone: 575-404-9152

Fax: 877-311-5440


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